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Beef Jerky...Our #1 Selling Product!

This is real meat in its natural state, not chopped and formed like other jerkies. It's thick, tender, and chewy, with the best natural hickory wood smokehouse-cured taste in the Western World. It's so hearty and delicious, you'll never be satisfied with another brand.

The smokehouse is brought to heat with natural gas, then natural hickory chips are burned (the smoked pumped from an external burner) with the smoke being forced into the smokehouse through the use of a small fan. No liquid smoke is used in the product; the jerky is made using methods which are Olde World as possible, while retaining USDA health standards

World's Best Meats: Now THAT'S something you can sink your teeth into.

Pick Any 3 (Minimum) For Only $105.00 
Shipping Included Within The Continental United States $2.19 Per Ounce Delivered!   

Original Hickory Smoked Goodness 1 lb. - $35.00

Honey Dew Glazed with real Honey 1 lb. - $35.00

Maple Bourbon Glazed with Maple Syrup & Bourbon Whiskey 1 lb. - $35.00 

Teriyaki Smooth, Sweet & Sour 1 lb. - $35.00 

Honey BBQ The perfect combo of Sweet Honey & Tangy BBQ 1 lb. - $35.00 

BBQ In the finest tradition of the Southwest 1 lb. - $35.00 

Sweet & Sassy Sugar & Chipotle & BBQ 1 lb. - $35.00 

Peppercorn Snap & Crackle, just a little Pop 1 lb. - $35.00 

Flamethrower Jalapenos added to the Peppercorn 1 lb. - $35.00 

Afterburner Cayenne Peppers added to the Flamethrower 1 lb. - $35.00 

Intimidator Chipotle Peppers added to the Afterburner 1 lb. - $35.00 

Terminator Habanero Peppers added to the Intimidator 1 lb. - $35.00 

Death By Jerky Seriously? You like this much pain? 1 lb. - $35.00 

Abomination HEAT LEVEL 11! Hope the hospital is close by. 1 lb. - $35.00 

We Have A 3 lb Minimum On This Site.


With our Special arrangements with the processing plant, You'll Save $15.00 compared to purchasing from them directly.

Ships From: Worlds Best Meats 401 N. Johnson Street Andrew, Iowa 52030-0260

If you'd like to purchase only 8 ounces, you can purchase directly at Worlds Best Meats For $20.00 per 1/2 pound @

Either way...You Just Found The "World’s Best Meats"
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