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Enjoy 3 days & 2 nights in your choice of over 50 resort cities.

Enjoy 8 Fabulous Days and 7 Romantic Nights in one of over 75 destinations.

$1,000.00 In Supermarket Coupons

$1,000.00 In Restaurant Coupons

These are for businesses that want to try these out
before purchasing.

Why am I also giving these to the General Public for free?

When you try these & see they are for real, maybe you'll tell a business owner
you know to give these away to their customers.

Then, and only then will Ely Wholesale make any money.

The business you refer, will see up to a 30% increase in leads and sales guaranteed.

Win Win Situation!

One thing you must know.....THESE CAN'T BE SOLD!
If they are, they will become worthless.

Our certificates are not valid if sold to the end user.
They are only valid if given as a free incentive or gift.

You'll need to fill in your email. In the "Your Message" box, put in "Send me 4 free samples" so I can send you these 4 PDF's in an attachment.

Simple as that.........All is good!

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