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Will my digitized vinyl record sound good?

If you’ve taken good care of your vinyl records, there’s no reason you shouldn’t expect a beautiful lp to CD conversion. That being said, as with all analog audio formats, if they are damaged or in rough shape it can affect the quality. For example, your 78 records are made out of shellac, not vinyl. These records predate your 33s and 45s by decades, so they’ve seen more wear and shellac is proven to have a shorter shelf-life than vinyl. Any wear and tear on this particular format are going to cause more distortion in your digital copy.

                                               Not Everyone Likes Their Old 78 rpm copy of Buffalo Gals             

Do you listen to my record?
Usually the first few seconds and the last few seconds around each edit point.

Is this legal?
Yes it is. We strictly adhere to US Copyright law with all of the services we provide.
You do have the legal right to make personal copies of music that you are in possession of, even if it is copyrighted. It is not illegal to pay someone to help you do it. However, there is a risk to us that this media may be further copied or distributed after it leaves our hands, so we do insist that our customers agree to our terms and conditions as part of the check-out process. Our terms state that (1) you are the owner of the media, (2) that the copy is for your personal use and (3) that Ely Wholesale is not responsible for additional copies not made by us. It is important to note that copyright laws do apply. It is legal for an individual to transfer or have someone else transfer a single copy for his or her own use, provided the originals are owned by the individual. It is not legal to make multiple copies. Ely Wholesale will not transfer an lp with the intent of the customer making multiple copies. Ely Wholesale assumes that the customer has gained a legal copy of any lp sent or brought to Ely Wholesale. Ely Wholesale transfers an lp for your own personal use only. Unless you own a commercial copyright, commercial use is illegal! Please contact Ely Wholesale if you are interested in having multiple copies of a special personal or family lp. Please Note * Ely Wholesale will not convert “bootleg” albums where the analog material was illegally recorded (typically a concert) without the artist’s consent.
Why can't I order multiple finished copies?
Since we can't verify the copyright owner of every conversion we transfer (even if it's simply your Uncle Ernie), we limit ourselves to the legal limit of one copy to adhere to US Copyright law. If you decide to make additional copies of the copy, while that may be illegal (depending on the ownership of the content on the original copy), that's also your prerogative. You are free to make additional copies of the media we supply you, using your own computer, a local copy shop, or the neighborhood geek.

Will you return my original media after it's converted? Yes, If I can get Thing to let go of it!

What's Included in each LP to CD transfer?
Flat price not dependent on record length. Initial Professional Surface Cleaning of your LP. We use a professional, high-quality turntable to ensure the best quality transfer.
All audio is recorded onto the highest grade CDs. Digital Transfer of your LP to CD.
Normalization (Volume increase) if needed. Indexing / Track Separation...Most services charge you an extra $1.00 for EACH track! Except "Live Music" Live Music LP's will have 2 long tracks...Side A/1 & Side B/2. Paper CD sleeve & High quality CD slim case.

What's Not Included:
Noise Reduction...Snack Cracle Pop, Click Filtering - You'll pay more for this anywhere else...and it does not completely filter this out! It also reduces the sound quality of your provided music. The better shape the source record is in, the better the end result when converting to a digital format. Any artwork, written inclusions or labeling on CD or Jewel Case.

There is a minimum charge of $15.00.

33 1/3's to CD Pricing
Record TO CD with indexing.
$15 Up To 74 Minutes.
The record is physically cleaned before the recording is transferred.
Paper CD sleeve & High quality CD slim case.

45's to CD Pricing

We will put as many 45's as we can on a single CD with indexing.
Price per side is $3.00 ($15 minimum...that's 5 sides)
Both sides, one side, make a compilation CD of your favorite old "Juke Box 45's"
The record is physically cleaned before the recording is transferred.
Paper CD sleeve & High quality CD slim case.
Up To 74 Minutes.

78's to CD Pricing

Record TO CD $7.50 per side ($15 minimum...that's 2 sides)
The record is physically cleaned before the recording is transferred.
Paper CD sleeve & High quality CD slim case.

Discounts on  LP's (33 1/3 RPM):
2-9 $13 Each
10 or More $11 Each

You can contact me to set a time to drop off your records, or for only
$5.00, I'll pick-up & deliver in Ely & Winton ONLY.

This service is for the Local Ely, MN & close by areas, where you can drop off your records.

If you are not local, and want to send your records in the mail to me, here is what you need to know.

Media Mail is under $4.00 to mail 1 LP Record from the USPS.
You need to have your own 13"x13"x1" Cardboard Mailer.
Since you can only buy LP Record mailers in bulk, here is
a cool video showing you the absolute cheapest way to make your own.

The only thing she doesn't add, is that you need to send this
through the USPS "Media Mail" for the cheapest possible rates.

***Please Note...I will only mail back to you the finished CD/CD's. I will NOT mail back any LP's, 78's or 45's***
There is an additional fee of $5.00 per CD that I have to mail out.

Let Me Sweep Off The Dust & Get You Back Into Your Groove

Any questions or concerns? Please contact us by email here: or from the contact page listed above.

With Over 2,400+ transfers & no complaints, I'd say were doing OK

Here's A Few Screen Shots From Our Start At This Back In 2007.

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