Diversion Can Safes

Diversion Can Safes & Hidden Stash Safes From All Types Of Retail Products

Case Lots Only
Our Prices Are Substantially Lower From What You'll Typically Find Throughout The Net.

The goal of a decoy stash can is to fit in so well that they are simply ignored.

Hiding Valuables
Hiding Savings
Hiding Collectibles
Storage Of Paperwork
Safe Storage Of Ammunition

Hiding Spare keys
Hiding Titles, or important documents
Hiding Flash Drives, or SD cards
Hiding Vitamins or Medication
Hiding Jewelry
Hiding Passwords, and login information

Hide in plain sight.
Looks just like the real thing. Because it is! Just with an empty insides.
Great for travel, savings, & keeping things out of the way that can be easily accessible when needed.

Prices for all US Business Customers require a minimum purchase of $1,000.00 + Freight.
We Ship to All 50 States

All International Orders require a minimum purchase of $3,000.00 USD + Freight.

Minimum order is 1 case per item.
Cases range from 6 - 96 units and will vary depending on product and/or order date.
All orders will be quoted freight charges BEFORE a charge is made.

Please review before ordering, as it will be processed immediately
and cannot be cancelled or changed once the order is received.
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